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Free Estimates, Interior Cleaning & Detailing, Paint Polishing & Waxing

When you want auto detailing done for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV, Semi, or other business vehicles. We are a locally owned business in Colorado Springs with over 30 years of auto detailing experience. Thus, Gary’s Detailing Services is the right place to choose. Visit our facility today!

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Put all the joy back into driving your vehicle and make it run better for longer! Look no further than Jet Auto Care’s Detailing Service for all your vehicle care, detailing, and paintless dent repair needs. From cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, jet skis, and large commercial vehicle detailing to paint polishing, scratch removal, paint correction, and headlight restoration. No matter what you are looking for, you can depend on us. You can visit us today or book online at our appointments page or on Google Maps! We provide free estimates and can answer any questions you may have. Gary and the crew have expert experience with an extensive range of all types of vehicles and a lifetime of service in the automotive industry. We won’t steer you wrong!

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From interior to exterior cleaning for fleets of commercial vehicles, we’ve got your needs covered. Your satisfaction is our priority. You can always trust us to get the job done right at prices that are competitive!

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When it comes to interior detailing services, we are your best choice. Providing upholstery cleaning to steam cleaning, we do it all! See our specials or call us today to make an appointment for a clean car, truck, SUV, RV, or boat!


Our Auto Detailing Services Can Increase the Value of your Vehicle by 15% to 20% or more! If you are selling your vehicle, automotive detailing services will increase the appearance and value of that vehicle. It’s why the dealers do it. They know the price and attraction are higher! The service can add 15 to 20 percent or even more at times to the sale price of a vehicle. Detailing is thrown around a lot in the automotive world. Not all shops have our full-service line up and skills on tap to handle your needs. One size does not fit all for detailing pricing, but you get the price back and more. Your very best detailing will be with us hands down! We are a full-service facility capable of doing repairs as well as detailing. Our shop has over 35 years of detailing and auto body experience and can handle any paint issue or correction. Don’t let the hype and jargon fool you. We’ll treat you right, answer your questions and show you the difference.
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Super Clean (Car) Starting @ $94.54

Blow out & vacuum in and around all the difficult areas that can’t be reached at a tunnel car wash, (trunk vacuum, rear package tray, interior seat sections, side and underneath), dust blow out, clean all plastic surfaces, dash detailing, and windows.
*Does not included door jamb wash or floor mat scrub service.*

Double Super (Car) Starting @ $236.34

Door jamb area wash cleaned and dried, Vacuum (Trunk, Mats, Rear package tray, Interior), Dust blow out, Clean all Plastic surfaces, Windows & Shampoo Upholstery of Seats, Carpet & Floor Mats, Or Ph balance Shampoo Clean & Light Bonded Leather Conditioner and Leather Buff , Dash Detail and Vent Port Cleaning – Plastic Dressing if requested in Neutral or Gloss application.

Ultra Service Clean (Car) Starting @ $419.93

2 Day Service – Door jamb areas washed, cleaned, dried and waxed, Vacuum (Trunk, Mats, Rear package tray & Interior headliner clean as necessary shampoo or steam), Dust blow out from every crevasse in the vehicle, Clean all Plastic surfaces with steam to sanitize and remove interior odors, Windows cleaned & Steam Sanitize, Shampoo Upholstery, trunk areas & floor Mats, Ph balance Shampoo Clean & Leather Conditioning with Buff service to complete conditioning, Dash Board clean with detail and Deep Vent Port Cleaning, Interior Drying service with 3M Fabric Treatment for carpets and clothe upholstery- Plastic Dressing if requested – Natural and Gloss finish with no tack feel. Interior scent of your choice upon request. Courtesy Wash & Dry includes rims & tires with tire shine included. Includes pick up and drop off or Uber 2 way up to 15 miles | Overnight service drying required.

GS Windshield Protectant & Repelant $149.99

Approximately 2 year protection of windshield glass. Coating adds surface hardness to deflect stone throws, gravel, and sand spray. Lowers glass pitting and day light sun glare. Coating also makes driving view more clear at night with less headlamp glare! Train tested in Saudi Arabia for durability gauge. Hydrophobic coating sheds rain and moisture making wipers last longer and increases rain weather driving visibility. Product is cured or air dried over 2 hours.


  • Wash Exterior with Clay Bar
  • Vacuum Vehicle & Glass Clean
  • Steam Sanitize Steering Controls
    $59.99 | Wheel & Column/Shifter
  • Spot Shampoo (Per Spot)
  • Floor Mats Wash / Scrub
  • Vent Clean (Deep in Vent System)
  • Pet Hair (Allows 1 hour)
    $35.99 | Quoted if Excessive
  • Plastic Dressing | Neutral finish
  • Bonded Leather C&C
  • Premium Leather C&C
    $99.99 | 3 hour service
  • Fabric Treatment
  • Wheel & Tire Clean
    $19.99 | Quoted if Excessive
  • Tar Removal
    $19.99 | Per half hour
  • Chrome Clean (Grill & trims)
  • Scent App. choice of fragrances
  • Fragrance Tabs
  • GS Windshield Protectant
    $149.99 | 2 hour service